Artistic and Joyful Moment with your Family

Looking for something new? 

We have developed a new state of the art we would like to share with you.

Enjoy an artistic and joyful moment with your family and friends in a bonding activity , capture your favourite memory on camera and build it brick by brick.

How do we mean? We featured a creative way for you to design your picture in a cool and unique way. we take your photo and pixel it, then we send your home a kit for you to assemble yourself together with your loved ones. Each picture is made of thousands colorful bricks size 1×1 , each photo comes with an easy instruction to follow.

Be creative , photobrick is a work of art , your work of art. You can either use furniture like with a pull out bench in the living room, or hang it in your home office if you want. The options are endless! 

Photobrick is dedicated to you.

5x3 1
5x3 2

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